About this site

It just contains personal notes and brain dumps. It doesn’t want to be complete, or correct. Some statements may be provocative to encourage discussions and give point to self reflect. Others can merely be annoying or just posts to practice writing. Feel free to leave the site anytime :)

About me

If you landed here you are probably looking for who is behind this blog, which also means that your are procrastinating.

Go back to do what you have to do, there is nothing in here!

Homo faber suae quisque fortunae

Anyway, I am interested in everything that leads me to learn something new. I can’t stay still.

Computer stuff of any kind is my main interest, but also mountain biking, cars, etc. I would really like to play with my car bus but the fear of bricking it is holding me back… if you have a car to sacrifice let me know ;)

Sometimes I twit @vacmf and other times I put something in Github, but most of the time I don’t do any of them or they just remain unpublished drafts.

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