whois and .eu domain name

If you launch the command

whois eurid.eu

I returned the following message:

No whois server is known for this kind of object.

So you can simply use:

whois -h whois.eu eurid

but from `man whois` I read:

If the /etc/whois.conf config file exists, it will be consulted to find
a server before applying the normal rules. Each line of the file should
contain a regular expression to be matched against the query text and
the whois server to use, separated by white space.

So I created the /etc/whois.conf file and filled it with:

.eu whois.eu

but it doesn’t work. From the output of:

strace /usb/bin/whois  eurid.eu

we can see that the program doesn’t search /etc/whois.conf file so the “problem” is in the source.
To get whois read his config file you must download the program source from his developer web site


then you need to extract the files from the archive and modify config.h simply to uncomment the line regarding /etc/whois.conf as reported:

#define CONFIG_FILE "/etc/whois.conf"

finally you have to recompile the program with make and install it.
Now that whois read his config files you can create it

# echo ".eu whois.eu" > /etc/whois.conf

and launch the program

whois  eurid.eu

Now in the output you have the whois search result.